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ideas Creativity has always been an important means of human expression. It helps us to discover our inner self, expand our capabilities and stimulate our imagination. Every member of our team specializes in a different field, thus covering a vast spectrum of creative activities.

We organize various seminars for handicrafts and sewing techniques, as well as sessions on drawing and photography, while our pool of activities continuously expands.



rainbowIn the continuous search for a holistic communication with the environment, we also propose seminars inserting the interface with nature as a vital element. We therefore choose ideal destinations and organize creative retreats, where we seek to harmonically combine the calmness offered by nature, the health benefits of physical activity and the pleasure derived from creativity, in unforgettable journeys of physical, mental and emotional relaxation.




Our competitive advantage consists in the combination of our team’s talents and the cooperation amongst its members that allows us to thoroughly cover the needs of any social, cultural, or corporate event.

Our objective is to create a unique atmosphere that will be apparent through every little detail in the venue, the music, the activities, handmade items, and the good memories captured by the camera’s lens.