DONOUSA Small Cyclades

Let everything go and live simply…

Donousa belongs to the Small Cyclades, the complex of beautiful islands located near Naxos, in the heart of the Aegean Sea.
The name literally means “vibrating”, a notion that you will realize as soon as you arrive and feel the energy flow…
It is a very small and quiet island with only one main village and a handful of spectacular beaches that will take your breath away!

A short vacation to Donousa offers the perfect opportunity to relax on beautiful sandy beaches,
enjoy morning and evening yoga classes and be creative through various workshops.

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– Tropical sandy beaches
– Beautiful quiet village
– Amazing trekking trails
– Unforgettable views
– Traditional healthy meals
– Simple way of life

Donousa is a small island with a tiny traditional village and port and a few spectacular beaches with crystal clear blue water. Experienced hikers have recently cleared and marked many trekking trails leading to beautiful beaches and landscapes.

The village of Mersini is one of the must see places, as it offers a breathtaking view of the aegean sea and the surrounding islands of Amorgos and Naxos. We can take the path down to the islands most famous water fountain and then head to livadi beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of the island.

We can also take the trail to Kalotaritissa, which is a very small settlement located at the edge of the island leading to three small secluded beaches.

Dates can be arranged upon request.
Inform us about the dates of interest as soon as possible, so we can ensure availability on selected hotels and instructors.

Best time to visit:
May, June, September

Prices will depend on the preferred accommodation, the period of visit and the duration of your stay.
Please contact us for more information about availability and pricing options

You can get to Donousa only by boat either from Athens (port of Pireaus apx. 7hours) or from the islands of Paros and Naxos, which you can reach by plane.

However because there are only a few boats to Donousa per week, contact us before you book your flight so we can help you make your transportation plan.

yoga mat, meditation cushion, relaxation blanket, towel, comfortable clothes and walking shoes, anti mosquito, sun block, hat, torch

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