Nature has always been the greatest source of our inspiration!

Away from the noise and distractions of everyday life in the city,
it is easier to distance ourselves from the familiar way of thinking,
come to a deeper understanding of our inner potential
and therefore be more creative in every aspect of our life.

We therefore choose ideal destinations and organize excursions where we harmonically combine
the benefits of daily yoga practice with various creative activities like macramépainting or photography seminars,
music workshops and cooking classesthai massage sessions and trekking tours.

Apart from the scheduled retreats, our team can also design and suggest a specialised proposal
according to the specific preferences and needs of a group.
Browse through our suggested locations and the creative activities offered and get in touch,
so we can plan together a retreat that perfectly suits the needs and desires of your group.

some of our previous retreats

guest reviews

This year my sister, a friend and me spontaneousely decided to make a yoga vacation and stumbled upon the Yoga Retrat in Gavos hosted by Marilou. The main reason why we decided on this retreat was because it just fit perfectly in our vacation period, we had no idea that it would get that amazing!

The communication with Marilou was perfect from the beginning on, we noticed very quickly how caring she was and how important it was for her that we are feeling comfortable the whole time.

On the first day we got to know our group, we were about 15 people from all over the world in every age, some beginners, some experts. The atmosphere was great and I think the chemistry was just soo good, sometimes it felt like we are on a school trip because everone felt so comfortable with each other.

For me it was the first time I did yoga but also for me as an absolute beginner the yoga-lessons were absolutely doable. Of course it was more challenging for me than for a real yogi but I think that everyone was very satisfied with the level. I liked that we – especially me – always got corrected by Marilou and Roza (our second guide and yoga-teacher), I think that’s really important for beginners.

Three times in our yoga-week we did excursions in the late afternoon. Our first hike was like the best thing I ever did, we hiked to the most beautiful beach I ever saw,  we had so much fun – pure freedom! Our second hike took us to the most southern point of europe, the whole hike was so beautiful and the landscape was breathtaking. In the end of the week we traveled to the lighthouse by bus and did the Sun-Salutaion we prepared for some days before, this was also very challanging, but everybody of us did the 54 sets!

Everytime I’m a little stressed out I think about this trip, and Marilou, Roza and the whole group and how relaxed my whole mind and body was on this super lonely island far away from civilization and the busy land I usually live in. Marilou, thank you so much for beeing our guide, teacher, sometimes mother-substitude and good friend. I’m so glad that I did this great trip and I’m looking forward to seeing you again maybe next year but definately soon!

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this experience. Marilou was incredibly helpful with planning the logistics and ensuring I was in comfortable accommodations. Both, Marilou and Roza, were super down to earth and really cared about making this experience enjoyable for the whole group. I will definitely be partaking in another retreat hosted by Marilou.

I liked everything about my yoga retreat in Anafi, the location close to Roukounas beach, the taverna that serves excellent greek food, the accommodation very comfortable, but above all the people there, I felt like in a family, with the 2 teachers, Marilou and Carolina, very professional and passionate, and with the other participants. Though the atmosphere was cozy and informal, during the yoga classes the teachers were very careful about each people physical needs and issues, I learnt so much about asanas and meditation techniques from them, I feel very grateful. Anafi is the perfect location for a yoga retreat because is an island still far from the hustle and bustle of other more famous and touristic greek islands. Is a very quite place but so rich of beautiful beaches and landscapes, so authentically greek! I strongly recommend this retreat!

The island of Anafi is such an amazing place, beautiful views, and it’s small enough to walk between the beaches and village quite easily. The Greek people of the island and camping on the beach are so friendly and welcoming it makes you feel like you are at home with all of your friends you have known for years. The 2 instructors I had were very different in their approach and, being a beginner, I thought this offered some interesting perspective into the practice of yoga. I chose the free camping option and didn’t come prepared with a tent or sleeping bag, Marilou kindly arranged to have these things for me when I arrived. I had no idea what I was getting myself into and I can’t think of a more perfect way for things to have gone.

Marilou organised a truly unique retreat experience. The location was perfectly selected. The food was delicious and the accommodation was a perfect fit to a true yogi. We did our yoga classes while the sun was rising and setting. Our mind and body was truly “detoxed” and all of us left the island feeling tremendously better than when we arrived. Would definitely recommend joining Marilou’s retreats – really once in a lifetime experience!

Anafi was a wonderful island where you felt the true Greek culture of the village. The ideal location for any yogi to escape and recharge. The staff was fantastic and flexible with planning the days to accommodate the mood of the class. I loved the combination of the yoga classes, djambe, African dancing and hiking. You had plenty of downtime to explore on your own or sink you feet in the sand. Highly recommend to anyone looking for an adventure with great instructors!

We spend a week at Anafi Island with my husband doing yoga and Djembé. The teachers were extremely nice people , talented and dedicated to make sure we had the most lovely holiday experience ..its been two days now and our body feel so good.
Merci encore

“I had an amazing time at Anafi with Marilou, the yoga instructor. I didn’t know what to expect but even before the retreat started, Marilou was so helpful and let us feel secure and good about everything. Anafi is a beautiful island next to Santorini, away from tourism with amazing beaches and stunning nature! There is not much on the island, a little village besides nature and no wifi. What was amazing was to disconnect from daily life! To get there you need to take a ferry early in the morning (3:30 a.m.), but even about that I didn’t feel worried because Marilou was there to explain everything.

The yoga sessions were very professional and she adapted and was very flexible with her experience to the level of the particiants. Together with Roza, another yoga instructor, we did meditation, which was wonderful! I loved the place, people and yoga. I especially learned a lot about the Greek culture, the food, people and humor!

After this experience I feel so relaxed and inspired! I will definitely recommend this retreat to people who like an alternative vacation. Everything was so simple and the nature amazing, I think that what made it so magical!

Thank you so much Marilou, Roza and all others!”

“The retreat was truly fantastic. Marilou was very well organised, and at the same time provided a lot of flexibility with the schedule. She was very helpful and an excellent yoga teacher, always trying to do the best things for us. She had also recruited another great teacher, Rosa, to work with her and assist us.

The yoga was professionally led. I was pleasantly surprised that it also included the other elements of yoga that are often neglected in the West, such as different types of Pranayama practice, Mantras, Meditation, as well as Asanas. Marilou was very sensitive to adapting the classes to our needs and abilities. (For example, she did a session based on hip openers before the trek, and one based on stretching legs after the trek, which showed how considerate she was). She often asked us what were our preferences as well.

She prepared the breakfast herself, which was healthy and delicious. She really thought everything through so we could have a great experience. The trek was magical and we loved the macrame workshop.
I highly recommend this retreat. I just wish I was still there!”

“Marilou is a very warm and very pleasant lady with an excellent sense of humor. She is into yoga for many years and has excellent lessons and instruction in English. Yoga with Marilou is more than yoga; every lesson is an very nice adventure. She takes you to beautiful spots to do yoga. Because she’s from Greece she also gives you the opportunity to dive deeper into the Greek culture and meet Greek people and locals.”

“I had a fantastic time on the yoga retreat! We did yoga in the mornings and evenings and went on a really beautiful hike to watch the sun rise. It was great to learn some macrame too. The yoga was simple yet intense, with challenging elements and some really great meditation techniques too.

Marilou really went out of her way to create a wonderful experience for us. She found amazingly beautiful and quiet natural locations to do yoga in and made sure that we were well looked after for our whole stay.”

other suggested destinations for groups

We suggest places that we know and love,
places with a beautiful natural environment and strong energy,
which we believe to be ideal to host our activities!