Since nutrition is such an important element for our overall health our team also offers seminars and workshops on healthy eating & cooking in Athens as well as other selected destinations in Greece!

Recognised as one of the healthiest diets, the traditional Greek/Mediterranean diet holds all those elements that shape a healthy nutrition.
Together we will discover the secrets of the local gastronomy through an exceptional variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes that go back thousands of years combined with modern elements.
We we learn to prepare and of course enjoy, full spectrum vegetarian meals, with fresh ingredients that complement and balance each other, offering to the body more than they take from it.

We will offer tips and suggestions that will improve your diet, your health and make the best of your every meal.

detailed information

Course duration can vary depending on the subject.
Minimum of duration is 5hours

Specialised courses can be designed for groups and events.
Contact us for more information

Number of Participants:
min. 5 people / max. 10 people

Classes for larger groups can be arranged depending on the location