Nada Yoga Retreat… with Polyxeni

Anafi remains a pure island, still untouched by mass tourism
with one small traditional village and amazing trekking trails
leading to the most beautiful unexplored beaches.

The clear landscape and the endless view of the horizon
offer the ideal environment for our retreat.

For the few days that we will share on this beautiful island
our practice will include a combination of yoga classes and 

meditations focusing on sound, with the purpose to restore vibratory frequencies of the body, mind, and soul that are out-of-harmony.

Sound and emotions are deeply connected.
Human emotions have their immediate expression through sound, and it is often the repression of the sound of the emotions that creates emotional blockages. Conversely, sound can be used to unlock the blocked emotions and release them with ease and grace.

The sounds we emit through chanting, work as a type of energy medicine to heal pain, depression, and stress disorders.
Some of the benefits include:
– reduction of stress and anxiety
– increased blood flow and circulation
– mental & emotional clarity
– deep relaxation, feeling of happiness and well being
– stimulation of the immune system

If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration
N. Tesla

All you need to know about this retreat

A unique combination of traditional Hatha Yoga and Jivamukti method will characterise this years end of the summer retreat with Polyxeni Aklidi.

Polixeni will guide us through a dynamic flow, which will prepare and heat the body within the rhythm of the breath. The intention of our practice will be the focus of the mind and the calmness that derives when we become aware of our body and our breath. We will try to find ease and lightness even in the most demanding moments of asana practice.
Special emphasis will be given to music, sounds and mantra, as well as references to Indian philosophy and poetry.

On the other hand in the classes led by Marilou we will have the opportunity to insist on some poses, paying closer attention to alignment and all necessary adjustments in order to ensure a safe practice.
When we coordinate movement with the breath, paying attention to the sensations in the body,
completely feeling the experience without any judgment or expectations,
respecting our boundaries with self-compassion and kindness,
yoga becomes a mindful exercise in itself and it becomes a meditative practice.

The class is open to all levels including students who have made their first steps in the practice and would like to look deeper into awareness and focus of mind. Variations and adjustments will be given when needed, as always.

*The Jivamukti Yoga method was created by Sharron Gannon and David Life.
It is influenced from the traditional practice of Astanga, the spiritual teachings of Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati and Swami Nirmalananda, as well as from the american experimental art scene of the 80s.

Anafi is a small island situated on the south eastern side of Cyclades, close to Santorini.
Due to its small size and few inhabitants, Anafi remains a pure island, untouched by mass tourism.
It has only one village and numerous crystal beaches around its coastline.

Chora, the capital village, is constructed on the mountain slopes and offers a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea, as well as unforgettable sunsets and sunrises.
The village is built on the ruins of a venetian castle, with the distinct Cycladic architecture of small white houses and blue window frames, decorated by colorful flowers.

Isolated in its simplicity, Anafi is the ideal location for this alternative retreat.

The best way to get to know Anafi, is through the amazing trekking trails.
Many tours will be organised during our stay in order to explore this very special island.
Starting from Hora, the main village, we will wonder off and discover breathtaking sights and virgin beaches of unspeakable beauty.

The highlight will be the exciting hike to the gigantic rock of Kalamos, the second largest solid rock in the Mediterranean after Gibraltar. This rocky formation, in the eastern edge of the island, is particularly renowned to the experienced climbers and mountaineers.

The trek has an approximate duration of 90 minutes in an ascent of 461 meters.
An old monastery lies at the top with a 360-degree view of the sea and the surrounding islands in the horizon.
The excursion will begin at early dawn in order to reach the top in time for a silent meditation during sunrise, an undoubtedly unforgettable experience.

Chora the main village of the island will be the base for most of our activities.
There are many available accommodation options with prices ranging from 40-70€ per night.

Please contact us for suggestions and assistance when making your reservation.

The schedule includes many activities, but also a lot of free time for everyone to enjoy their holidays depending on their needs and preferences.
You will have the option to join sunrise meditations, morning and evening yoga classes, trekking excursions, and other creative activities, but you can also relax, enjoy the beach and the wonderful views all around.
Although our team has designed a full schedule for the week, we encourage you to join the activities that you feel will benefit you the most.
Our goal is for everyone to feel free, rest, and enjoy their holidays without the slightest pressure of having to do something.

Saturday 5/9
Arrival – free day to rest and adjust
18.00-20.00 introduction cycle

Sunday 6/9 – Thursday 10/9
7.00-7.30 pranayama/meditation
7.30-9.00 yoga practice
9.00-10.00 breakfast
10.00-18.00 free time
18.30-20.30 yoga practice
21.00-22.00 dinner

* Small changes may occur depending on the circumstances

150€ per person


2  yoga classes per day
Trekking tours & hike to Kalamos
Sunrises & sunset meditation sessions
Healthy & delicious breakfast meals
Transportation from/to the port


35€ healthy & delicious buffet  (5 days)

Prices vary depending on your accommodation preference
(Single room, private double room, shared double or triple room, camping)
Please contact us for more information, availability and special offers

not included:

Airfare and Boat transfer
Lunch and dinners
Personal expenses
Travel insurance

Prices vary depending on your accommodation preference
(Single room, private double room, shared double or triple room, free camping)
Please contact us for more information, availability and special offers

*Special 10% discount for registration until 1/4

Travelling from Abroad:
You can reach Anafi only by boat from the following locations which have international airports.
– the port of Piraeus (apx. 10 hours)
– the port of Santorini (apx. 1 hr and 30min)
– the port of Heraklio (apx. 4hours)
and you can also find connections with other Cycladic islands depending on the dates you will be travelling.
Please contact us for assistance before making reservations!

The boat schedules for 2020 have not been officially announced,
however based on the previous years it is very likely to have the following options:

Travelling from Athens:
From Athens to Anafi
Friday 4/9 at 18.00 arrives 05.50 (Saturday 5/9)
additional routes:
Every Tuesday at 20.30 arrives 07.30 (Wednesday)
Every Sunday at 17.30 arrives 03.40 (Monday)

From Anafi to Athens
Every Sunday at 22.10 arrives 9.45 (Monday)

Tralleving through Santorini:
All of the above ferry routes go through Santorini about an hour and a half earlier
(on the way back the stop is an hour and a half after departure)

Travelling through Crete:
There is a connection from Heraklion to Anafi every Sunday afternoon (apx. at 18.00) arriving in Anafi 4hours later (about 22.00)
From Anafi to Heraklion there is a connection very early on Saturday morning (apx. at 06.00) arriving at Herakleio at 10.00

Please get in touch with us so we can help you plan your trip.

In order to book your place for our ‘Nada Yoga retreat‘ please send us an email at and mention the following information:
– full name
– contact telephone number
– type of accommodation needed (shared double, private double, single, camping)

We will then send you a confirmation email with all necessary information as well as a short medical questionnaire to fill out and send back.
You will be requested to make a deposit of 50€  to secure your place.

yoga mat, relaxation blanket, towel, comfortable clothes, hat, walking shoes, antimosquito and sunblock.

If you decide to stay on the beach you will have to bring all the necessary camping equipment
(tent, sleeping bag, torch etc.).



photo credits Arez Metta

Polyxeni’s  love for yoga and acting lead her to travel around the world from Brazil to India, Costa Rica, the United States and the UK, where she had the opportunity to connect with important teachers and also to share her knowledge and inspiration on the way. Although she has been studying extensively and completed many teacher trainings within various and diverse yoga traditions, in 2015 she became aquatinted with Jivamukti method, which offered her the possibility to combine elements that inspire her, like philosophy, poetry, music, asanas and the breath.
She completed her Jivamukti teacher training in Costa Rica, with Sharon Gannon, David Life and Yogeswari.
She is grateful for the time she spent with Sri Prem Baba in Rishikesh India, with Tyohar in PachaMama in Costa Rica and all the simple people who know the ways of nature in the forests of Central Brazil.
She has been an assistant instructor for the 200hr teacher trainings of Swaha Yoga Centre, Evergreen Studios, Feldenkrais Centre and HotAshram.

She cherishes having the opportunity to share her yoga practice, combining asana, meditation, chanting, yogic philosophy, poetry and literature in order to inspire people to live with more awareness and love for themselves and other sentient beings.

Marilou started practicing yoga from an early age with different yoga instructors in Greece and abroad. In 2006 she started working at Shantom, where she also participated in theoretical and practical workshops with Leda Shantala.
In 2010 she received her first Yoga Teacher Training Diploma (RYT 200hr) from Sivananda Vedanta Centre and in 2013 she completed the Advanced Teacher Training Course (RYT 500hr) in Ghyta Yoga School with Michalis Filinis (both centers accredited by the Yoga Alliance International).
She was naturally drawn to the Iyengar way, which she has been practicing over the last years with Zoi Gaitanidou at Yoga Summit.
She also continues to enrich her knowledge participating in classes and workshops on different yoga styles with many inspiring teachers (Alessandro Ortona, Ephrat Michelson, Ana Forrest, Angela Farmer, Constantinos Giannetakis).taking classes and participating in workshops with many inspiring instructors.

Her classes focus also on detail, precision and the structural alignment of the body, always with respect to individual boundaries and limitations.