In our sewing classes, we enter a world full of inspiration, creativity and lots of practice.
Using our sewing machine and tools, we create clothing from scratch using mostly ready patterns, but more advanced students will learn to create their own patterns based on their specific body measurements.
We will teach all traditional sewing techniques as well as granny’s little secrets, and at the same time encourage experimentation and innovative ideas!

Basic Sewing

Using the sewing machine and all kinds of stitches properly and effectively
Handling, cutting and sewing different kinds of fabrics (woven and knits)
Sewing zippers and elastics
Finishing garments with bias tape, facings and linings
Creating darts, flares and pleats
Using fusible interfacing
Constructing items from commercial patterns or by copying patterns from existing clothes.


Creating skirt, bodice, sleeve and pants sloper from scratch, to fit the body perfectly
Basic pattern drafting skills in order to create unique pieces of clothing