Sewing for beginners

This seminar is designed for those who wish to learn how to use the sewing machine and start creating their own
basic and unique items for the home or personal use in their everyday life

start with the basics

We introduce the sewing machine and its functions and experiment with different stitches and fabrics.

We learn how to thread the needle, how to change needles and all the necessary details to operate the sewing machine.

We learn how to deal with all the little problems that arise, in order to be able to create with ease and confidence.

Through specific projects we gain the necessary knowledge and confidence to engage in increasingly complicated creations.

Decorative pillows, fabric baskets, placemats and coasters, recipe and calendar cases and door stop are some of the items you will enjoy making.

detailed information

new classes

Every Tuesday at 17.00 & 19.00
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* New classes start throughout the year, when a group of 4-5 participants is formed

we make

1st cycle
needle pillow
double face pillowcase
fabric basket
zipper pouch

2nd cycle
recipe case
round pouch
door stop
wall organiser


price per cycle: 60€ +vat
4 2hour meetings
(1 class per week)

intensive courses:
10€ per hour


Beginners cycle:
4 2hour meetings
1 per week

intensive workshops:
2 to 3 hours depending on the project

book your place

in order to book your place you are kindly requested to send us an email at stating your name, phone number, the workshop as well as the preferred day and time.

group capacity

4-5 people per class

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