Sewing Handbags

In this workshop we will learn the basic sewing techniques, all the little secrets
as well as how to apply them in order to make different types of handbags!

New Autumn Classes

Every Friday at 18.00-20.30 we will meet and begin sewing our own handbags,
combing colourful fabrics and learning all the little secrets for a professional outcome.

The complete workshop consists of many separate intensive sessions
for each different handbag design (clutch, tote, backpack, messenger, round pouch etc)
so you can choose to participate in the ones that you are most interested in,
always depending on your level of experience.

Although it is open to everyone who has some experience using the sewing machine
or has participated in our “sewing for beginners”, it is advised for beginners
to start with the first projects in order to gain some experience and gradually proceed to more complicated designs, such as backpacks and round pouches.

Our lab is fully equipped with sewing machines, irons and tools.
All you have to do is select the fabrics for your new bags!

detailed information

Intensive Tote Bag Workshops
Every Friday at 18.00-20.30

Clutch from colourful rug
Clutch style wallet
Bow zipper pouch
Shoulder bag -tote with hidden pocket
Square Pouch with ropes
Backpack part I
Backpack part II
Messenger bag part I
Messenger bag part II
Round pouch part I
Round pouch part II

English classes can be arranged upon request
for groups of 3-5 people

Let us know which handbags you are interested in making
and we will try to form new groups throughout the year.x

The price for the intensive workshops:
10€ per hour +vat

Detailed Pricing:
For sessions of 2 1/2hours is: 25€ +5,76vat
(clutch, zipper pouch, tote)

For sessions of 5hours for bags completed in 2 separate meetings: 50€ +12vat
(backpack, messenger bag, round pouch)

In order to book your place you are kindly requested
to send us an email at stating:
– your name
– phone number
– title of the workshop you are interested in,
– the announced date

We will get back to you as soon as possible,
kindly requesting a small deposit in order to confirm your reservation.

4-5 people per class