Trekking tours

We believe that spending as much time as possible close to nature is of equal importance as exercise and healthy eating.
The clean fresh air combined with the endless horizon and the vivid colours awaken the senses, clear the mind and refresh our whole existence.

Greece is blessed with countless possibilities for unforgettable escapes in places of indescribable natural beauty.
Apart from the numerous islands that Greece is mostly known for, the mainland and the Peloponnese hide natural treasures for those who know where to look.

Our experienced guides can lead us up high mountains, through gorges and down some of the most beautiful wild rivers.

It all depends on your mood!

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Every Saturday that the weather allows it
we will meet for a 1hour trekking tour in Ymittos mountain
& 1 hour yoga during sunset.

Book your place in advance
price: 15€ per person
starting: 6/10

We are currently planning two winter yoga & trekking retreats in Pilio and Zagorohoria.
Contact us for more information

All of our yoga retreats include trekking tours in the amazing paths of each island
Please check our schedule for the summer of 2018

Specialised trekking tours combined with other activities (such as yoga, rafting etc)
can be organised for any group of at least 7 people.

The maximum amount of participants depends on the location and the level of difficulty of the path.

Feel free to contact us for more information.
We will be happy to help organise an amazing experience for your group!

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