Yoga Classes

Yoga is a traditional holistic path, through which the practitioner aims at the integration of all levels of existence, in order to experience clarity, serenity and wellbeing.

Some of the most important benefits of regular yoga practice,
include the improvement of
– body posture
– flexibility and muscle joint mobility
– enhancement of balance and concentration
– quality breathing and overall clarity of mind.

In other words, it helps us obtain better body awareness, get in touch with our inner self, reconnect with the environment and be more present in every moment of our life.

With the practice of postures (asanas),
breathing techniques (pranayama) and
meditation (dhyana)
our body, mind and spirit come into perfect health and alignment.
We practice on expanding, stretching, opening up and releasing blockages in the body, letting the energy flow as freely as possible.
It is the best possible way to start the day,
feeling more energized, peaceful and creative.



Prices & Special Packages
10€ drop-in class
35€ for 4 classes per month
50€ for 6 classes per month
60€ for 8 classes per month
80€ for unlimited classes per month
160€ for unlimited classes per trimester

* first class is always free

The classes of each package should
take place within the same month

Contact us for information and to
book your place for the classes starting this fall:

phone. +30 2103411271
mobile. +306979779785

Maximum number of 10 participants per group

* drop in guests are advised to book
at least one day in advance
in order to ensure availability.


Marilou started practicing from a very early age at about 2002, next to inspiring yoga teachers in Greece and abroad. In 2006 she started working for ‘Shantom House of Culture’, where she also participated in practical and theoretical workshops with Leda Shantala, one of the first traditional hatha yoga teachers in Greece. 
Following the desire to deepen her understanding of the yogic philosophy and always guided by her beloved teacher, in 2010 she completed her first teacher training (RYT 200hr) at the Sivananda Vedanta Centre in Tyrol and in 2013 she completed the advanced teacher training (RYT 500hr) at Ghyta Yoga School (both centres accredited by yoga alliance international).
Feeling the continuous need to enrich her knowledge, she participates in classes and workshops with many wonderful teachers that guide her along her path until the present day (Michalis Filinis, Alessandro Ortona, Ephrat Michelson, Ana Forrest, Angela Farmer, Kevin Gardiner, Erika Repassy etc). Over the last years she was naturally drawn to the Iyengar way, participating in classes and workshops regularily with some of the most experienced Iyengar instructors in Greece (Zoi Gaitanidou, Konstantinos Giannetakis etc). Her asana practice has grown in depth particularly through the Iyengar system, which  also provided inspiration and essential details in sharing her understanding of the teachings with others.
Since 2011 she enjoys organising yoga retreats in ideal locations, harmonically combining the physical benefits of yoga practice and the pleasure derived from creativity, with the calmness and serenity offered by a simple way of life close to nature.

MONDAY & WEDNESDAY 19.30-21.00  
TUESDAY & THURSDAY 10.30-12.00
SATURDAY 10.00-11.30 (in english)

about the class

This is a traditional hatha yoga class, inspired from the systems of B.K.S Iyengar, Swami Sivananda and Satyananda. A lot of emphasis is given on detail and alignment, always with respect to the boundaries and limitations of each body.

The duration of each class is about one hour and a half, starting with simple breathing and mild stretching exercises, in order to gently wake up the body. After a short warm up though a vinyasa or surya namaskar repetitions, we enter the main part of our practice, the yoga asanas. The detailed instructions given while in the pose, help to keep our mind focused on our body, to observe and adjust, in order to find comfort and ease in each pose.

We conclude the class by stretching all parts of our body that were mostly affected by our practice, in preparation for savasana. We spend the last few minutes in Savasana, trying to consciously relax every part of our body to finally quiet the mind.


TUESDAY & THURSDAY  19.30-21.00

Polyxeni’s  love for yoga and acting lead her to travel around the world from Brazil to India, Costa Rica, the United States and the UK, where she had the opportunity to connect with important teachers and also to share her knowledge and inspiration on the way. Although she has been studying extensively and completed many teacher trainings within various and diverse yoga traditions, in 2015 she became aquatinted with Jivamukti method, which offered her the possibility to combine elements that inspire her, like philosophy, poetry, music, asanas and the breath.
She completed her Jivamukti teacher training in Costa Rica, with Sharon Gannon, David Life and Yogeswari.
She is grateful for the time she spent with Sri Prem Baba in Rishikesh India, with Tyohar in PachaMama in Costa Rica and all the simple people who know the ways of nature in the forests of Central Brazil.
She has been an assistant instructor for the 200hr teacher trainings of Swaha Yoga Centre, Evergreen Studios, Feldenkrais Centre and HotAshram.

She cherishes having the opportunity to share her yoga practice, combining asana, meditation, chanting, yogic philosophy, poetry and literature in order to inspire people to live with more awareness and love for themselves and other sentient beings.

Polixeni will guide us through a dynamic flow,
which will prepare and heat the body within the rhythm of the breath.

The intention of our practice will be the focus of the mind
and the calmness that derives when we become aware of our body and our breath.

We will try to find ease and lightness even in the most demanding moments of asana practice.

Special emphasis will be given to music, as well as references to Indian philosophy and poetry.

*The Jivamukti Yoga method was created by Sharron Gannon and David Life.
It is influenced from the traditional practice of Astanga, the spiritual teachings of Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati and Swami Nirmalananda, as well as from the american experimental art scene of the 80s.


MONDAY & WEDNESDAY 10.00-11.30

Pranathi was born and raised in India and has been practicing yoga for over 20 years.
She completed her first Yoga Teacher Training in 2000 at the Vivekananda School of Yoga in Madras, but continued her training with classes and workshops in various schools in Madras of India, Melbourne and Athens, where she currently lives.
In 2010 she completed the Sivananda Vedanta Centre Teacher Training in Rishikesh, one of the older schools of traditional yoga. The teachings of swami Sivananda combined with his scientific approach of the asanas, provided a great source of inspiration and substantial knowledge, which she hopes to carry on through her classes.Although most of Pranathi’s training is on traditional Hatha Yoga, in her classes she likes to incorporate elements from her Ashtanga practice, as well as from Zen Meditation, which she has been practiting over the last years.
In 2015 she completed the Prenatal Teacher Training with Sue Elkind, in NYSY studio, which she has been practicing and offering only in private sessions the last few years, parallel with the classes she teaches in small groups or private sessions. She has also conducted yoga workshops and classes for the non governmental organisation “Women Act”, in Athens.

Pranathi will guide us through a traditional hatha yoga class in English.
Influenced from her practice at the Sivananda and Vivekananda Schools of Yoga, her classes harmonically combine traditional breathing and meditation techniques with physical movement.

The smooth transition and the relaxation between the asanas, offer the opportunity to the participant to observe the changes that arise in the body and mind.

Repeating specific yoga series of selected asanas, either more gentle like the Sivananda sequence or more dynamic inspired from the Ashtanga series, the body quickly learns and develops, improving both its physical condition, but also the practitioners mental state.

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