KOUFONISIA Small Cyclades

A small paradise on earth

Koufonisia are two small and beautiful islands near Naxos Island, in the heart of the Aegean Sea.
They are famous for their white, sandy beaches and pristine waters.

There is only one small traditional village in the port of the island, with beautiful white houses and colourful flowers everywhere.
Numerous sandy beaches with crystal clear waters are separated by stunning formations of rocks creating natural pools.

The unique landscape will inspire you in many ways, making it an ideal place to develop your art skills or just relax according to your own needs.
Our team can offer a wide range of activities and workshops to perfectly complement your vacation.

additional information

– Amazing nature
– Spectacular beaches
– Easy walking trails
– Small quiet village
– Simple way of life

Koufonisia have a very unique morphology consisting of beautiful rocky formations and white sandy beaches, without high mountains. This makes it easy to walk from one beach to another, enjoying the wonderful view in every direction.

There is a beautiful trail starting from the main village, going through all the beaches ultimately leading to the islands main attraction “Pori”. Pori is a circular beach with turquoise water and high rocky cliffs on the side protecting the beach from the high northern winds. It is undoubtably an amazing experience!

Dates can be arranged upon request.
Inform us about the dates of interest as soon as possible, so we can ensure availability on selected hotels and instructors.

Best time to visit:
May, June, September

Prices will depend on the preferred accommodation, the period of visit and the duration of your stay.
Please contact us for detailed information about availability and pricing options.

You can get to Koufonisia only by boat either from Athens (port of Pireaus apx. 7 hours) or from the islands of Paros and Naxos (apx. 2 hours), which you can reach by plane.
However because there are only a few boats to Koufonisia per week, contact us before you book your flight so we can help you make your transportation plan.

yoga mat, meditation cushion, relaxation blanket, beach towel, comfortable clothes and walking shoes, anti mosquito, sunblock, hat, torch.

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