Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better

Albert Einstein

Away from the noise and distractions
of everyday life in the city,
it is easier to distance ourselves
from the familiar way of thinking,
come to a deeper understanding of our
inner potential and therefore be more
creative in every aspect of our life.

We choose ideal destinations in Greece
and organise alternative retreats where
we deepen our physical yoga practice,
strengthen our connection with nature,
create bonds and new communication channels,
while we enjoy everything that a simple way of life
close to nature has to offer.


There retreats will take place
if the circumstances and restrictions
for Covid-19 allow it.

what our guests say about us

Every time I’m a little stressed out I think about this trip, and Marilou, Roza and the whole group
and how relaxed my whole mind and body was on this super lonely island
far away from civilisation and the busy land I usually live in.
Marilou, thank you so much for being our guide, teacher, sometimes mother-substitude and good friend.
I’m so glad that I did this great trip
I’m looking forward to seeing you again maybe next year but definitely soon!

Chryssi E. (Austria)

I had an amazing time at Anafi with Marilou, the yoga instructor. I didn’t know what to expect but even before the retreat started, Marilou was so helpful and let us feel secure and good about everything.
The yoga sessions were very professional and adapted to the level of the participants.
I loved the place, people and yoga. I especially learned a lot about the culture, the food, people and humor!
After this experience I feel so relaxed and inspired! I will definitely recommend this retreat to people who like an alternative vacation. Everything was so simple and the nature amazing, I think that made it so magical!

Bess G. (Switzerland)

Our first hike was like the best thing I ever did, we hiked to the most beautiful beach I ever saw,
we had so much fun – pure freedom!
Our second hike took us to the most southern point of Europe,
the whole hike was so beautiful and the landscape was breathtaking.
Finally, we traveled to the lighthouse and did the Sun-Salutations we prepared for some days before,
this was also very challenging, but everybody of us did the 54 sets!

Cathrin E. (Austria)

The retreat was truly fantastic! Marilou thought everything through so we could have a great experience.
She was very well organised and at the same time provided a lot of flexibility with the schedule.
She was very helpful and an excellent yoga teacher, always trying to do the best things for us.
The yoga was professionally led. I was pleasantly surprised that it also included the other elements of yoga that are often neglected in the West, such as different types of Pranayama practice, Mantras, Meditation.
Marilou was very sensitive to adapting the classes to our needs and abilities.

Vanessa S. (United Kingdom)
The communication with Marilou was perfect from the beginning on,
we noticed very quickly how caring she was and how important it was for her
that we are feeling comfortable the whole time.
We were about 15 people from all over the world in every age, some beginners, some experts.
The atmosphere was great and I think the chemistry was just so good,
sometimes it felt like we are on a school trip because everyone felt so comfortable with each other.
Angelina A. (Austria)

For me it was the first time I did yoga but even as an absolute beginner
the yoga-lessons were absolutely doable.
Of course it was more challenging for me than for a real yogi,
but I think that everyone was very satisfied with the level.
I liked that we – especially me – always got corrected by Marilou,
I think that’s really important for beginners.

Alessia F. (Spain)

Ideas for groups

We can create the
perfect retreat
for any group

for your friends
for your family
for work teams
for reunions

We choose places that we know and love, with a strong energy, which we consider to be ideal to host the activities we suggest.

Apart from yoga classes in beautiful locations, we can combine activities that we think contribute to our mental and physical relaxation.
More information soon

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