Kids Yoga

Kids yoga is a fun way for our little friends
to develop important skills that will help them
cope with the difficulties of the modern way of life.

Through many different games, kids learn about the yogic philosophy
and receive tools that will help them be more flexible,
both physically but also

Kids build a strong and flexible body,
improve their awareness of their body and emotions,
boost their self confidence and learn to love their self.

At the same time, they learn
how to concentrate,
to breath slowly and deeply,
thus making it easier for them
to relax and eliminate stress.

In most of the asanas kids immitate animals and elements of nature

and this helps them to comprehend their place in the environment and the world.

The teacher gradually accompanies kids
in discovering a different world,
broadening their imagination and deepening their creativity.

A unique treasure that will be at their disposal
for the rest of their lives.

What we think is very important is that kids learn to work as a team, rather that to compete one another.

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